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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Nick+Ashley | Ogden Utah Temple, Tooele Utah | Utah Wedding Photographer

You would never guess that it was a hot summer afternoon for this beautiful cloudy wedding! I was so glad for the cloud cover-not super bright sunlight and even lighting and not nearly as hot as it would have been in full on was beautiful! 

Nick and Ashley exited the temple with the biggest smiles on their faces! Their families were so friendly and wonderful to work with. It was amazing to watch the bride and her siblings. They have the sweetest relationship and Nick fit right in! 

I always make my bride and groom take pictures on their wedding day, even if they had already had formals taken. Smiles are just different on the wedding day. And Nick couldn't take his eyes off his beautiful wife! 

After finishing photos at the temple we made our way to Tooele for the beautiful backyard reception. 

I am so happy for these two, but so sad I won't get to hang out with them anymore. I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of these two.  



Friday, August 12, 2016

Nick+Ashley | Ogden Botanical Gardens, Ogden Utah Temple | Utah Formal Photographer

I like to schedule my shoots at even golden hour. But with formals especially, I always say almost an hour before that time since almost always, traffic, dress problems or even hair takes longer than expected. Nick and Ashley showed up right on time! I didn't even have time to scope out some good places for the first look! The sun was brighter than I had expected and limited shade that didn't already have crowds of people. So we worked around it and did our best! Then after the garden's we hit up the Ogden Temple where they would be sealed the next week.