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Monday, January 11, 2016

Recent Extended Families | SLC, Idaho, Davis County

Photography for extended families and large groups is HARD (especially with little ones involved). But family is everything. I don't, but should, charge more for extra people as it is usually more work, and not the ideal outcome (at least for me, who is much harder on my work than others). And I always encourage individual family photos since everyone is there and dressed fancy. :)

But I do my best. And I think most all cherish the photos with EVERYONE in the picture whether they turned out the way I thought they should, or the family thought they should, or someone just isn't happy...but the photo is proof they were all together at one moment in time. 

Anyway, here are some examples of recent extended family shoots that I have done. 
What a wonderful opportunity to interact with all these wonderful people. 

The Hopkins Family
Davis County
Grandpa loved his shades, and Grandma wanted some pictures feeding the ducks after we finished. Loved it. So great to get some photos before they headed out on an LDS mission. 

Taylor Family
Downtown SLC 
An amazing family. Lots of CUUUTE little kids. 

Webb Family
Davis County 

The Nash Family
Franklin County, Idaho
What a great family....a family I am glad to call, FAMILY. 


The Turnbow Family
Franklin County, Idaho
One of the best families out there who for a brief period of time was all together and freezing cold weather wasn't going to stop them for getting some family photos!  

The amazing Blair Family
Franklin County, Idaho 
Freeeezing cold, luckily the house was close and we just ran out and got the shot and ran back in. Probably the fastest session I have ever done. And it turned out great! 

The Buttars Family
Franklin County, Idaho
It was FREEZING, and the horse wanted in on the fun! 
What a great family that was soooo easy to photograph. 

The Preysz Family 
On the coldest day EVER
Downtown SLC

The Kotter Family
One of my most favorite large group sessions EVER!
Franklin County, Idaho

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