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Friday, February 17, 2017

Ephraim+Abbey Formals/Wedding| Logan Utah, Idaho | Utah Wedding Photographer

These two have been so fun to work with. They picked a beautiful day for formals! After their first look we headed to the temple to get some shots there. The Logan Temple has my heart. I will never tire of shooting there. Add a gorgeous couple and I could spend HOURS. 

The wedding day was bitter cold, and super bright. Luckily we were able to breeze through the photos since we already did formals. We did temple exit, family (and we had to try a new spot since we couldn't go far and the group before us was taking forever) and a few of Eph and Abbey on their wedding day. Since that is super important to me since we did formals earlier. 

I need to do a blog post as to why EVERYONE should do formals before the wedding day. 

The reception was BEAUTIFUL. Seriously I don't know how people can make the Weston church green cultural hall look SOOO good.  

Enjoy photos of this beautiful couple! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to capture their special day. 

Hair: Lynette Jensen
The ceiling was done by Tracy Crozier. 
The arch was made by the bride's dad and grandpa. 
The decor was all done by the bride's mom. 
And the flowers were done by the bride's grandma, Joyce Williams. 

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